Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ouija - Spirits and demons fill shotglasses.



Left: Collection of antique boards Right: Internet Parody by Jeffry Rowland
This first video is especially interesting. Mentions 'serious' paranormal societies. (This isn't the first I've heard of this, I know folks who'll actually wince if you slip up and mention terms like 'new-age') Anyway, I especially like the mention of the term 'high end' divination tools as opposed to these Boards that can actually be purchased at Toys R Us. "Sorry, your Ouija Board is from the diffusion line and I only purchase mainline". But really, I'm fascinated by the prevalence of paranormal/divination services and products in modern-day society. One of the guys interviewed below is 'the lead investigator at Big Bend Ghost Trackers'. Yes, a ghost tracker. Presumedly a bit like Bill Murray in Ghost Busters. I hope.

To be honest, I don't think these beliefs are founded on anything less concrete than those of other religions.

Great graphic sensibilities: The mystery of basic editing software:
What interests me here is how the spirit fills or enters the pointer/glass. I remember a family friend who claimed she had caught an evil spirit living in her house and she had managed to trap it in a golden box sealed with masking tape. Needless to say this person isn't a family friend anymore. Attempting to rip off Drop Dead Fred is disingenuous to say the least:

The 'mud pie' reminds me a little bit of my 'spontaneous alternatives' method :P

I remember using an Ouija board as a kid but I don't really remember much except that you're not meant to think about when you're going to die. Naturally everyone thinks about when they're going to die. Reminds me of 'the game' or maybe some kind of thinking on the ocd spectrum? haha

Christian man terrified about Ouija boards after reading a book about them. In the book spiritualists encourage a christian to use the board. The main character in this book sounds like he suffering from schizophrenia, er, sorry, I mean demonic possession.

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